The Martu Land Access Agreement is a standard agreement signed by exploration companies to enable exploration companies to access their tenements and explore for minerals within Martu land.

This agreement addresses numerous issues including heritage matters, access, employment, training, the environment, compensation as well as preferential contracting status.

There are approximately 80-100 granted tenements within the determination area and approximately 170 other companies with pending tenements. This provides for significant economic potential and contracting opportunities on Martu land both during the exploration phase and in the event a mining agreement is made.

Martu are united in a positive approach towards industry and foresee a future full of opportunity for its people socially, culturally and economically.

To download the WDLAC Land Access and Mineral Exploration Agreement click here

This is WDLAC’s standard Land Access Agreement for mineral exploration and other expedited procedure matters. It is not in executable form as the particular exploration proposal and the potential impacts on Martu country will need to be considered by WDLAC and relevant traditional owners before it can be finalised for signing.