The WDLAC board meet quarterly in Perth and on Martu country.  The make-up of the board is divided into representatives from different parts of Martu country. This means there are representative from Karlamyingurrara country, Ngayunanalku country, Pilakaja country, Piyijikarli country, Rirrakaja country and Walakaja country.  A quorum of our board requires at least one member from these sub-groups. All other major decisions that do not affect native title rights and interests require consensus of the board.

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Melvin Farmer - Chairperson

Melvin is a Pilakaja elder who speaks Manyjilyjarra.

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Colin Peterson - Deputy Chairperson

Colin is a Pilakaja elder who speaks Manyjilyjarra.

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Kenny Thomas - Director

Kenny is a Pitjikarli man who speaks Ngulipartu. He is on the WDLAC Board because he is proudly Martu and believes he has a responsibility to all Martu to grow WDLAC and partner with organisations who want the Martu people to succeed.

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Alistair Sammy - Director

Alistair is from Karlamyingurrara and speaks Warnman. Alistair is all about Martu land, culture, and identity, and strives to do whatever he can to protect the connection between Martu families and their Country.

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Gillian Dodd - Director

Gillian is from Ngayunanalku and speaks Putijarra. She is honoured to be a Director on the WDLAC Board. Gillian wants to help make the right decisions for the future of all Martu People. She also wants to encourage young people to recognise their importance as they are the future leaders.

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Lindsay Robinson - Director

Lindsay is a Manyjiyjarra man from Rirrakaja. He is proud to be working in the best interests of all Martu people.

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Sharyn Derschow - Casual Director

Sharyn is a Pitjikarli woman who speaks Ngulipartu

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Angus Robinson - Casual Director

Angus is from the Rirrakaja area and speaks Manyjilyjarra. He wants to share his knowledge and the wisdom passed down from the Elders and family, to the next generation of Martu people throughout the Western Desert. This is what will keep our people and culture strong into the future.

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Simon Hawkins - Acting CEO

Simon Hawkins is the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WDLAC, the PBC for the Martu people. He is also the CEO of Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation.

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